The Process


USING ONE 60 ML SAMPLE BOTTLE MIXED INTO 5 LITERS WATER. Using watering can, water plants heavily to soak the soil around plants. Keep soil at roots damp for at least ONE FULL WEEK to ten days. WARNING: If the product ever DRIES OUT before the plant soaks it up, it will NOT WORK. You may apply a .5% solution in three weeks or longer, spray on leaves and soak soil. Three .5% applications is enough per year. For TREES and LARGE SHRUBS treat plants twice a year as above, for three years or longer. Each year they will improve more. INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEST SAMPLES Once the plant is treated and soil is kept DAMP for at least ONE WEEK, begin to water normally again. After TWO WEEKS, the plant will exhibit enhanced growth and survival characteristics

Navus Shield Treatment for WATER SAVINGS

Defend against drought, with plants requiring 50% to 70% less water after treatment.

Simply soak plants to roots and allow adequate moisture for two weeks. Now stop watering and see the difference between the Navus Shield treated plants and the untreated control group.


Add 55 ml sample of Navus Shield to 11 gallons of water or more, to drench crops. Water and make sure soil stays DAMP NEAR ROOTS, for one week. Plants should first be treated when emerging from soil. Use split treatments, then 1/50 strength 3 weeks apart.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR 100 ACRE BARREL (100 Gallons) (split treatments)

Use 1 USG of concentrate for each ACRE of CROPS MIX 1/2 Gallon into 5000 GALLONS or more of clean water. SPREAD EVENLY over ONE ACRE, REPEAT in 3 weeks. One barrel treats 100 ACRES at 1 Gallon per acre. If possible, only soak roots and soil around plants to make product go farther than full field application. REMEMBER that drought tolerance and growth gains begin approximately four weeks after treatment.