Organic and Bio Dynamic Farming

The Natural Formula Is SAFE for water, plants and animals. No worry about pollution or damage to the environment..

A superior solution for assisting low input agriculture, Navus Shield is a natural, "drinkable" mineral formula at the leading edge of modern and future agriculture practice in organic and high production conventional farming.

Whether the farm has strict rules regarding inputs such as in high-tech greenhouse applications, or is a more conventional high production model, Navus Shield is the strongest candidate for all-round crop production and protection without damage to the environment.

Why would a high production grower use Navus Shield?


The simple answer is for flat out crop performance. The mineral balanced formula increases the plants structural integrity.

Improved structure and cell density increases yield and survival. This equals increased profits many times your initial investment, with crop protection as an added benefit.

Whether you're worried about beating drought, the frost, or just want to beat the rush to market


The majority of professional growers count production time among the highest of priorities. Navus Shield delivers with quicker cropping times, faster plant maturity, greater plant density, nutrition and bulk in a shorter time. Quicker flowering and faster (more reliable) fruiting also assist the grower to reach market faster than his “unassisted” competition, Guaranteed.